Elena and damon vampire diaries dating

Age: 28
Weight: 171
Height: 47
Size: 3
He attacked her but Stefan and Damon arrived. However, when Cody and a group of other vampires, including the believed-dead Elijah, arrived to collect, Damon tried to keep her from being taken and was surprised when Elijah killed the others. Elena then seems shocked by Damon's act of selflessness as he walks away, she then seems upset that he finally let her go.
Outside, Shane and Elena talked about her relationship with Damon. Now you can respect mine. He then told her that deep down, she knew that Stefan needed to drink the human blood, before leaving. During the hike, Elena and Alaric are talking near a small cliff with a pool of water under it when someone randomly pushes Elena into the water below. At the Salvatore house, Jeremy tells Elena and Damon that he has decided to live with Matt and Tyler leaving both of them upset. She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that she met him first.


Age: 34
Weight: 161
Height: 51
Size: 2
She kissed him goodbye. Their intimate moment however is interrupted by Stefan walking into the living room saying that Klaus ordered him to watch over Elena until he can return. He told Elena that he was going to kill Matt.
Whatever happened when they were dating, their friendship was strong enough to maintain after the breakup. Then says "Start packing. Damon said he should go apologize to Jeremy for being tough on him. Damon replies angrily that she should stop looking for Stefan because he's not going to return, at least not in her lifetime. Enzo lost the rock paper scissors game, so Damon got to drink the rations everyday, saving only a few drops for Enzo so he wouldn't desiccate.
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