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You're an eternal optimist so you keep going on as many first dates as you possibly can, hoping that you meet someone that you actually like. The first date is the event which we can never forget. About seven months later, of online dating and cybering with her, she confronts me online and has something really important to tell me; unbelievably, she wants to meet in real life.. Thanks to the documentary and MTV series Catfish , you're pretty much always expecting for this to happen to you. Everytimel meet someone new, they end up in jail. You love this meme because this definitely sums up your usual train of thought:

Funny dating memes

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Dank, Dating, and Online Dating:
In the online dating world, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. How you gon be a motivational speaker and sound like you wanna die yourself? Dank, Dating, and Online Dating: And this meme is equally funny and sad because you can relate to it just so much. Everyone posts their good side on social media, their filters, and the side of them that rarely shows flaws. Should also add that he is an expert in fisting
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