Dating goal setting

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Posted by Karen on February 23, at 9:
I think people are too selfish to meet someone today. So shared interests is something that matters in ones early 20s, way before kids. Dee, I like that. Support Penelope and Have Fun. You can sign up for a live course that will happen in the near future or you can buy an on-demand course that is recorded so you can watch it any time. Setting goals is essential to leading a fulfilling life, and dating is no different.

Guest post: Setting Dating Goals and Sticking With Them

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A lot of the sort of change discussed in the previous paragraph is hard to implement in one human lifetime.
This article feels very patronizing, and antiquated. Introspection is a lot of work. Posted by Julia on February 23, at 5: That being said, the person who changes their value system which takes a lot of time has a responsibility to themselves and their partner to be an adult about it: I have since vowed to never let it happen again. Nowadays, the pressure is on to find a man because of age, a shortage of good men, and our careers.
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