Hots matchmaking not loading

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I would assert the fixes needed aren't complicated, but it would certainly require a stripping down and total resetting of the system. They will just get bonuses until their rank matches their true skill.
What's wrong about this? Hell, i'm pretty sure i continue to play this game sometimes due to that fallacy If win 6 times in a row, no personal adjustment. And I think that would have a positive effect on the total number of active high rank players. How many games is a few? I believe over the years I've gotten quite knowledgeable about MM not only in HotS and can share my experience and what I think should be changed.

How To Fix Heroes Of The Storm Lag

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Even fully fed Butcher can't wipe on his own. Nothing has changed from past seasons.
That or a Raynor rework. The LoL developers even recently put out a big blog post on why they don't show it, which you can read at https: That was the point of my post. I'm just a silver league troglodyte, but I had a serious problem with this recently. With no talents picked. And then they go and try to judge how good someone is or is not based off that alone. Do you ever get a crown in your games?
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