Dating pickett slide rules

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For many years, most only had six or seven scales. Your email will not be published required. So it was marketing.
Eye-Saver "" puts the image on the retina and absorbs the actinic rays which produce "tired eyes. A lot has been lost by the use of calculators and computers. When did you start the website? Our only request is that you send digital photos of your class using the slide rules. Go to the Slide Rule Books. Interestingly, the first calculators that came out only did basic math, but not yet any of the scientific or trig functions like sine, cosine, tangent and inverse sine and square roots.

Pickett N1010-ES Trig Duplex Slide Rule

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As we became more and more industrialized, every engineer had slide rules and every math student used them.
They had some corrosion problems. But many slide rule collectors just focus on trying to collect every type of slide rule they possibly can. Once you chose your slide rule manufacturer as a student, you had a tendency to stay with that manufacturer as you went through life. The companies that relied on selling slide rules disappeared altogether. Sphere Research Corporation Sunnyside Rd. My site represents at least different manufacturers. This is a very sophisticated 34 scale rule , made in the trademark aluminum body format by Pickett.
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