Dating 8th grade

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Have your date over for dinner some night, or come over and watch a movie at your house. Don't get desperate and needy while you're dating someone. Keep in mind that a middle school relationship is not as mature, so many things that high-schoolers or young adults do are not the same for middle school kids. Do keep an eye out for serial relationships, though.

Middle School Dating: Are They Too Young and Should Parents Worry?

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It gives you a great reason to ask and a fun thing to do together. Shower that morning and do your hair, paying attention to it a little more than normal. Sometimes, passing period can be a good chance for this, or right after school.
It needs to be ok with all of your parents, especially if you're going to be getting a ride. A study from the University of Georgia found that middle schoolers who were in high-frequency or back-to-back relationships tended to be prone to higher-risk behaviors, like drinking or doing drugs, later in adolescence. The occasional kissy-face emoticon exchange is ok, but not more than once every couple days. Make sure you're allowed to text with your date, then trade numbers and start texting. You should also be talking about the appropriate age or circumstance for different levels of physical contact. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.
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