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Once students move past that, the interact much more with other people and express a much higher satisfaction with the university overall. Social life isn't bad, but it could be better. This applies more to the ladies than anything but if someone just seems to want to hang out in their room and you never go past the four walls then there is a problem.
Is this stereotype accurate? Most students in Revelle that I know leave their suite doors unlocked and propped open, and unless they're away they leave their doors open inside too. Be the first to comment Hide Comments. You know this person on a personal level. Being greek, I would say it is one of the best organizations on campus.

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The truth is the dating game is very unpredictable at times. You're all caught up.
Two of the guys from their suite came into our suite drunk during welcome week, and I met the rest of the suite through them. They ask you out to dinner or coffee rather than just Netflix and chill. Regular conversation also ensures consistency and also the possibility that they may only be talking to you, although you can never be too sure. Almost every concert tour stops in San Diego. There something for everyone, as there are over student orgs and 7 student governing bodies, and the only thing keeping students from connecting to other people with similar interests is their own reservations and shy personalities.
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